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Aware of the legal challenges and needs an entrepreneur faces, we want to ensure your startup's solid legal foundation before a big problem becomes a big one.

Nobody said entrepreneurship was easy, but we love it! At Lexcrea, we are more than lawyers. We are part of your team. We love legal challenges, getting creative, and innovating to help you transform a business idea into a successful startup.

We help you with your company's constitution, the shareholders' agreement, financing rounds, M&A processes, international expansion, IPO, or other liquidity events.

We know that innovation is vital for our clients. At Lexcrea, we design the necessary strategy to protect your intangible assets, adapting them to the intellectual property and information technologies legal framework.

If things do not go well, we will help you liquidate the company in an orderly manner, ensuring that you can start a new project with all the necessary legal backup.

In the world of venture capital and startups, you will find endless words from the Anglo-Saxon world. Mastering them is an art that you can forget about with us by your side. But if curiosity is your thing, we provide you with a link to a glossary of the words we use the most.

How can we help?

Shareholders agreement
Term Sheet
Funding Rounds
Incentive Plans
Legal Claims
Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Due diligence
Data Protection and Privacy (GDPR)
Industrial property and information technologies
Trademark registration and other distinctive signs
DPO services
Technology transfer agreements and software licensing agreements

Give your Business Wings
Legal subscription by Lexcrea

If you are a start-up or entrepreneur and have not raised more than 100,000 euros in equity or debt, take a look at our Basic, Pro, and Secretary subscription models. Legal services for your day-to-day activity at prices adjusted to your reality have never been this easy.


Julio Ribes

CEO of Swipcar

Lexcrea, but most importantly, its team of professionals, are like one more partner in our evolution. When creating a scalable startup, you need lawyers who understand and go deep in the specifics of your business in order to advise you and offer services that apply to your companies constant evolution. Lawyers that cover current and future needs and, above all, are experienced and trustworthy professionals. Lexcrea fully complies to all the mentioned above!

Hernan Scapusio

CEO of Agile Content

"Lexcrea has collaborated since the entry of our first investors and has had an important contribution in the entire process of the company going public. Subsequently, they have helped us evolve as a company, accompanying us in M&As and complex corporate operations, covering a key role for us.

Joan Piñol

CEO of Dexma

The journey of a startup is not easy, nor is it sometimes pleasant, but for the last 10 years the professionalism and tenacity of Lexcrea has been a fundamental pillar in DEXMA to continue growing and reaching new goals.

Angel Blesa

CEO of Codeoscopic

“We have been with Lexcrea for many years and what we value the most is their customer-centric approach and efficiency. They are professional, experts in their field, but at the same time friendly and approachable. The company is very digital, which gives you a great capacity for interaction anytime, anywhere. For us, they are a part of our success, have been with us in every corporate operation we have carried out. It is important to have a legal travel companion with whom you feel comfortable, and Lexcrea performs that role perfectly. "

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